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Increase your site's or your domain's Search Engine Rankings with autosurf, our system can drive thousands of hits to your site in a day. Anybody can get an automatic steady flow of hits to their sites, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Getting signups to your site or to your affiliate programs. Choosing manual surf will help increase your chances of others finding your website on search engines, giving you more visitors, signup's and sales.

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What Benefits You Will Get After Join...

Sign up bonus: 1000 auto and 50 manual credits. (You will have to surf 100 Auto or 25 Manual sites to earn them.)
Auto Surf or Manual Surf, your choice.
High 7:10 surf ratio for free members.
Active weekly contests with impressive rewards.
Earn when your referrals surf, you'll recieve 10% of your referrals' credits.


Earn up to 50% CASH commissions on your direct (1st level) referrals, depending upon your membership level.

Getting Started Is so Easy...

1. You will need to signup to create your own Free Member Account!
2. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail, click on the link inside the e-mail. This will validate your e-mail address and after you are enabled to login.
3. Login to your new Member Account Area
4. Surf at least 100 Auto or 25 Manual sites to receive your bonus credits.
5. Allocate your Credits to your website and set up more urls.
6. You can Surf to Earn More Credits or Buy Advertising.

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